You’re probably wanting to buy a new mobile phone and you look at the different mobile phones on the market.

Usually, the debate is whether to buy an Android or Apple mobile phone but there seems to be something that is pretty common between these two products.

If you look at the spec sheet, most of the newer phones you can find on the market have more than 4GB of RAM. Some mobile phones even reach 6GB of RAM, which is even heftier than the ones currently recommended in modern PCs.

But, what is RAM on a mobile phone and why do these phones have more than 4GB of RAM?

Basically, RAM is known as “Random Access Memory”. In the context of a mobile phone, whenever you fire up an application, all of its data will be stored on the RAM.

So, if you happen to fire up the app, press the home button, and then go back to the app again, the process will become seamless because of the fact that all of the data is now stored in the RAM.

This is the case because RAM is much, much faster than your conventional mobile phone storage medium.

Now that you know what mobile phone RAM is, why do midrange and flagship mobile phones have more than 4GB of RAM now?

Three years ago, if you have 2GB of RAM, it was considered to be the standard for many, many years. But, as time goes by, more and more applications demand a lot more of your phone’s RAM (like Facebook, for example).

If your phone only has below 2GB of RAM, for example, you will find that your phone will be sluggish when you fire up the Facebook application.

That is because Facebook uses a lot of RAM to be able to do its important functions. Even if you use the Facebook Lite, which is a much lighter application than Facebook’s main app, you will still find that your phone’s going to be sluggish if you have less than 2GB of RAM.

Because of this, it would be wise for the mobile phone manufacturers to include more than 4GB of RAM.

Basically, this is to futureproof your mobile phone for many, many years to come. Also, more RAM seems to help Android mobile phones even more.

You see, the Android operating system makes use of the phone’s hardware to increase its performance. And, since a lot of mobile phone companies bake different RAM sizes into their products, it means that the performance of Android mobile phones will be limited on what is installed under the hood.

Also, a lot of applications might not be optimized for use in Android mobile phones. That is why having more than 4GB of RAM will give you plenty of room for these kinds of apps.

So, to answer the question: do you really need a lot of RAM? That depends. Do you want to futureproof yourself and not buy a mobile phone for, say, 2 years’ time? If so, then yes, you need to buy a phone with a lot of RAM.

But, if you’re looking to buy a new mobile phone every year, then RAM doesn’t really matter. So long as you have more than 2GB of RAM, you should be okay.

There is a new game that was just recently for the Nintendo 3DS and is quite popular. This game is kind of like the Megaman series, although, it does have some unique elements as well.

Today, we are going to talk about the Azure Striker Gunvolt Game for the Nintendo 3DS. As previously stated, this game was just recently released this year and it already garnered a lot of copies sold.

This game revolves around an agent called “Gunvolt”. He used to work for a company called QUILL that is set to stop the Sumeragi agency because of their nefarious intents on manipulating “adepts”.

Adepts are people with amazing powers and the Sumeragi group wants to exploit these people and get their magic for their own selfish reasons.

Gunvolt’s first mission is to destroy an adept named “Lumen”. Upon arriving at the scene, Gunvolt then discovers that it was actually a small kid named Joule who was manipulated to go inside Lumen.

Gunvolt rescued Joule from Lumen’s captivity, but by doing so, he forfeited his agent status from QUILL. Although he is not an actual employee of QUILL, Gunvolt still gets missions from them from time to time.

Moniqa, the person who contacts Gunvolt and assigns him new missions, asked him to defeat the Sumeragi Group and find out about their true intentions. Gunvolt agrees with this mission and he was sent out to kill 7 of the Sumeragi Group’s adepts.

These adepts are akin to that of the seven deadly sins. Each of the Sumeragi group’s adepts has special abilities and it is up to you to defeat them one by one.

After defeating all of the adepts from the notorious group, a man who hates adepts named “Copen” showed up and warns Gunvolt that they are enemies (well, since he hates adepts, remember?). After a brief appearance, Copen then went away.

Copen, even though he’s a person who hates adepts, helps Gunvolt in a passive way and he has a pivotal role in the story. The game’s main protagonist is Asimov and he is also the final boss of the game.

The Azure Striker Gunvolt Game for the Nintendo 3DS, like Megaman, is a side-scrolling platform game. This game does have some unique features, though. Whereas Megaman makes use of different weapons that he gains from his enemies, Gunvolt uses his gun to “tag” enemies and ultimately defeats them using his powerful electrical force.

Also, the Azure Striker Gunvolt Game for the Nintendo 3DS is quite challenging as the player needs to have enough skill to make it through the different levels of the game.

The game also incorporates a “chain” system where you can increase your score manifold until Gunvolt gets hit by the enemies. There is also a ranking system so that you will be interested in doing your best.

The Azure Striker Gunvolt Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a very good game with a very compelling storyline. It also has some unique gameplay mechanics. If you are a fan of Megaman and you want a game that kind of reminds you of him, then the Azure Striker Gunvolt Game for the Nintendo 3DS is highly recommended.

In each and every gaming console in the market today, there are a number of genres you can choose from. You can choose Role-playing games, Strategy games, Shooting games, among others.

Today, we are going to talk about a particular game for the Nintendo Wii called the Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. This game should be in any shooting game aficionado’s gaming library.

The story of the Sin and Punishment: Star Successor takes place years after the first game. The first game’s ending revealed that there are, in fact, two separate universes, namely the Inner Space and the Outer Space.

In each universe, there lies different worlds that are differentiated by a number. In the Inner Space, the worlds are protected by beings known as “Creators” that bring peace whatever means necessary.

The Outer Space wants to invade the Inner Space but they had to know what the weaknesses of the Inner Space are. In order to gather intelligence, the Inner Space was infiltrated by a female agent named “Achi”. In the Inner Space, specifically in Earth-4, there is an elite corp. member named Isa Jo.

There were reports that an unknown agent has infiltrated the Inner Space. Isa Jo was tasked to investigate the matter. During Achi’s arrival in Earth-4, she suffered from Amnesia and she lost all memory of her supposed mission in the Inner Space.

Isa Jo then finally met Achi in her current state and grew fondness to her. Isa Jo was supposedly tasked to gather information about the infiltrator, and if he happens to find the agent, he was then told to take infiltrator in. But because Isa Jo grew a liking to Achi, Isa Jo decided to hide her from the Earth-4 military.

Knowing the Isa Jo went rogue and didn’t follow the protocol, the creators sent a group of hired militia known as the “Nebulox” to bring both Isa Jo and Achi in.

The game then revolves around the two; shooting and fighting the Nebulox forces. This game, to sum it all up, is messy but in a good way. It is messy because the screen will be populated by the Nebulox forces. Because there are a lot of Nebulox forces, it will be fun to defeat them using guns and different weapons.

The Sin and Punishment: Star Successor game for the Nintendo Wii makes use of four of the Nintendo Wii’s controllers. You can use either the Wii Remote with the Nunchuk, the Classic Controller, the Wii Zapper, or the Nintendo Gamecube controller. Most people who’ve played this game would much rather use the Nunchuk as it really brings more fun while playing the game.

The Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is a rail-shooter game in that it incorporates a lot of movements to be able to maximize both Achi and Isa Jo’s prowess. Seriously, this game is crazy good!

If you are a shooting-game aficionado, then you definitely have to try out the Sin and Punishment: Star Successor Game for the Nintendo Wii.

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January 2, 2016

If your mantra in life is to live happily and healthily, you want to always eat healthy foods. You also want to serve healthy and delicious foods to your family, so they too can be healthy and happy with their lives.

Today, we are going to take a look at a really good recipe that is easy to do. I am talking about the Pan-Roasted Chicken with Gravy. Pan-Roasted chicken is one of the best foods that can be served for the family because not only is chicken healthy, but you can also add in a host of other healthy ingredients into the dish as well.

It does take quite a while to cook, but I promise you, this is one of the most delicious and healthy Pan-Roasted chicken recipes out there. So, let’s get started! Here are the ingredients that you will need:

  • 1 large clove garlic, minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves
  • 1 3 1/2-pound chicken, giblets removed
  • 1 teaspoon peanut or canola oil
  • 2 teaspoons butter softened and sliced
  • 2 teaspoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 cups reduced-sodium chicken broth
  • 1 tablespoon minced fresh flat-leaf parsley, for garnish


  1. The first thing you need to do is preheat your oven to 400°F.
  2. Next, mash some garlic and salt it into a paste in a bowl. Stir in Pepper and Thyme as well.
  3. Using a knife, cut out any excess fat from the chicken.
  4. Next, use your fingers to loosen up the skin over the thighs and breasts to make small pockets. Make it absolutely sure that you do not tear up the skin completely.
  5. Rub the garlic mix over the breast and thigh meat, making sure that you rub them evenly.
  6. Heat the oil and add a teaspoon of butter in the cast-iron skillet over medium heat. Add the chicken and cook by turning it often. Make sure that it is browned on all sides. It usually takes about 10 minutes.
  7. Transfer the cast-iron skillet into the oven and roast it at 165 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour. After one hour, take off the pan from the oven and let the chicken cool.
  8. While the chicken is cooling, add another teaspoon of butter and flour in a bowl until it turns into a paste. Place the cast-iron skillet on a medium-high heat. Add the broth for it to simmer and stir it a little to get some little browned chicken bits.
  9. Slowly add the butter and flour mixture in the pan. Skim off the any risen fat with a spoon.
  10. Carve the chicken with a dazzle of gravy.
  11. Serve and Enjoy!

In each serving of this Chicken and Gravy dish, you get a total of 223 calories, 10g of fat, 1 gram of carbs, and 31g of protein. Do not worry as this is a very lean chicken recipe, making it perfect for a family dinner while also ensuring your family that they will eat a healthy and delicious meal.

If you want to serve a healthy and delicious dish for you and your family, then this is one dish you should try.

November 16, 2015

Linksys is a great company that designs a lot of routers and wifi extenders. Since the demand for internet nowadays is high, we need to be able to utilize wifi signals throughout our home and office.

Now, most homes and offices nowadays are built of solid materials that are perfect for Wifi signals to travel at an optimal level. But, some houses and offices are made of concrete. These materials inhibit Wifi Signals from traversing to the different corners of your place. These are called deadspots, or places where signal can’t get through.

Although, most routers are already more than capable of broadcasting signals, the need for Wifi extenders will really help you eliminate those deadspots.re6500 So today, we’re going to take a look at Linksys RE6500 Wifi Extender.

The Linkysys RE6500 Wifi extender supports the latest wifi 802.11ac technology. This is the industry’s standard today and it boasts of speeds of 1GBps. The RE6500 is a dual-band wifi extender that is able to handle 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

The RE6500 also has four Ethernet sockets if you want to wire your devices up and it also has an audio jack, a wealthy addition if you want to stream audio across multiple devices.

This Wifi Extender looks like your typical router in that it has a pair of external antennas for better signal coverage. Setup is also a breeze. When you hook it up on your PC, you will be greeted with the setup page. The instructions are clear-cut and easy to follow, so even beginners will have no problems configuring the device.

Here is the complete set of features the Linksys RE6500 has:

  • Wireless-AC technology is compatible with all a/b/g/n devices. Works with any router or gateway including routers supplied by service provider
  • Up to 4.3X faster than Wireless-N technology featuring simultaneous dual-band speeds up to N300 Mbps (2.4 GHz) + AC867 Mbps (5 GHz) to reduce traffic and maximize data
  • Maximizes the simultaneous use of both bands for faster data transfer speeds
  • Connect a stereo system or audio speakers to the AC1200 MAX to wirelessly stream your favorite music from a smart device or computer
  • Extend the range of four wired devices to ensure uninterrupted media streaming and fast data transfer
  • The RE6500 has detachable antennas that can be adjusted to provide the best coverage.

Package includes: AC1200 MAX Wi-FI Rnage Extender RE6500, AC/DC Power Supply, Two Dipole Antennas, Ethernet Cable, Quick Installation Guide

Since Linksys is an established company that has a very good reputation on their routers, how did this Wifi extender fair to consumers? Here are some of the reviews I’ve found:

James: “I live in a big house and had some dead spots, but as soon as I connected this up I had full bars everywhere in my house. The installation was super quick and easy. Love it”

Jasper: “Bought this to replace a D-Link extender that failed and couldn’t be happier with it. Much stronger signal than my previous one and setup was a breeze.”

In summary, the Linksys RE6500 is a good wifi extender. With great reviews and a good price ($69.95), the Linksys RE6500 is one of the best Wifi Extenders for eliminating those deadspots in your home or office.

In recent times, human beings have developed a unique sense of urgency for multi-functional things. We want devices that can perform more than just a single function. It is now all about a gadget that does this and that and other things.

What are R4 3DS cards?

The need for a more versatile gadget is also greatly reflected in the gaming sector. Other than just playing games for the fun of it, there are ways in which you can do more with your Nintendo console. The Nintendo console is mainly used to play game cartridges. Although this may be fun, its limits its users to one form of entertainment thus depriving full satisfaction. The only way to enjoy optimum satisfaction with unlimited entertainment privilege with your console is by using R4 3DS cards.

R4 3DS are flash cards that can be connected to you Nintendo to enable it perform more functions. They are regular sized cartridges that allow you to experience a whole new world with your Nintendo console. The R4 3DS cards will enable your Nintendo to offer more multimedia benefits than experienced before. With the R4 3DS cards, you can now surf the internet, listen to music and watch movies among others. Moreover, the R4 3DS cards allow you to access save apps that you can use with your console.

Features of the R4 3DS cards

Below are some of the main features of the R4 3DS cards: 

The R4 3DS cards are compatible with FAT 16 or 32 MicroSD cards.

It uses MoonShell 2.0 which just happens to be the latest version of Beta at present.

With the exception of 3D games, the R4 3DS cards are capable of supporting other games on the Nintendo console.


The R4 3DS cards have no specific compatible OS. This means that they are compatible with any and all OS.

The R4 3DS cards support Wi-Fi thus enabling the card to upgrade much easier and more discreetly.

It has a sleep mode to enhance power saving among other features.

How to use the R4 3DS cards with the Nintendo console

Not everyone who decides to purchase and use the R4 3DS cards is an old user and knows how to operate it. There are few beginners who require some guidance in this sector. Below are some easy to follow steps on how to use the R4 3DS. 

The very first thing to do is to download on to your computer the R4 3DS kernel.

The R4 3DS kernel is originally a zipped patch. This patch requires to be unzipped before it can be used. The unzipped R4 3DS kernel will include for files within the patch. These four files in the patches includes r4.dat, moonmemo, moonshl2 and the R4iMenu.

Expand your R4 3DS. Use a USB cable to transfer the 4 files to the MicroSD card.

You are now free to download games to your computer and then transfer them to your MicroSD card.

Once you have completed the above, it is time to use the R4 3DS card. You can insert the MicroSD card into the R4 3DS cards.

You are now good to go. Feel free to enjoy your Nintendo to the fullest.